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  • Here's what you tried:
  • Graphical form: simplifies to %28x-3%29%5E2%2F%28x%2B2%29%2F%28x-2%29
  • Text form: ((x^2-6*x+9)/(x^2-3*x-10))/((x^2-5*x+6)/(x^2-8*x+15)) simplifies to (x-3)^2/(x+2)/(x-2)
  • Cartoon (animation) form:
    For tutors: simplify_cartoon( ((x^2-6*x+9)/(x^2-3*x-10))/((x^2-5*x+6)/(x^2-8*x+15)) )
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Look at .
Remove unneeded parentheses around factor highlight_red%28+%28x%5E2-6%2Ax%2B9%29+%29,highlight_red%28+1%2F%28x%5E2-3%2Ax-10%29+%29
It becomes .

Look at .
Remove unneeded parentheses around factor highlight_red%28+1%2F%28x%5E2-5%2Ax%2B6%29+%29,highlight_red%28+%28x%5E2-8%2Ax%2B15%29+%29
It becomes .

Look at .
Canceled out common factors (x-(3))

Look at .
Canceled out common factors (x-(5))

Look at highlight_red%28+%28x-3%29+%29%2F%28x%2B2%29%2F%28x-2%29%2Ahighlight_red%28+%28x-3%29+%29.
Reduce similar several occurrences of highlight_red%28+%28x-3%29+%29 to highlight_green%28+%28x-3%29%5E2+%29
It becomes highlight_green%28+%28x-3%29%5E2+%29%2F%28x%2B2%29%2F%28x-2%29.
Result: %28x-3%29%5E2%2F%28x%2B2%29%2F%28x-2%29

Universal Simplifier and Solver

Welcome to Graphical Universal Mathematical Expression Simplifier and Algebra Solver (GUMESS).
It solves most middle school algebra equations and simplifies expressions, and it SHOWS ALL WORK. It is free to use.

Enter expression to be simplified, or equation to be solved.
I will figure out if what you typed is an equation.

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Examples: x^2-2x=-1, 3x-x-x+a-a=5, (x^2-1)/(x+1), 2x-(x+x)

Single letter variables only, no functions, xy means x*y, x(x-1) means x*(x-1), sin(x) means s*i*n*(x)

You must use the "*" (star) symbol for all multiplications! x(x+1) is WRONG! It means a function x of x-1. x*(x-1) is right. Use the ^ (caret) for exponentiation. x^2 means x squared. x/2y means x%2F2y
Resources: Simplifier Portal, help with entering simplifier formulas (a must read).

Or, click on any of these examples: 1, 2-1, 2%5E2-4%5E1, %281%29, -%28-1%29, %28%28%28%28x%29%29%29%29-x, -%28-%28-%28-%28-%28x%29%29%29%29%29%2Bx, %28%28%28%28x%29%29%29%29-y%2Ax%2A2%2Fy, %28x%2B1%29%2F%28x%2B1%29, %281%2Bx%29%2F%28x%2B1%29, %281%2Bx%29%2F%282%2A%28x%2B1%29%29, x-x%2Bx, x%2A%28y%2Az%29+-+%28x%2Ay%29%2Az, %28x-1%29%2A%28y-1%29-%28y-1%29%2A%28x-1%29, %28x-1%29%2A%28y-1%29-%28%28y-1%29%2Fx%29%5E%282-1%29%2A%28x-1%29%2Ax, 2%2A2%2A2%5E2%2Ax-x, 1%2F%282%2Bx%2Ay-y%2Ax%5E2%2F%28x%2B0%29%29, x%5E%28y%2Bz%29-x%5E%28z%2By%29, x-x%2F2, x=x, x%2B1=2, 0=5-x-7, %28x%5E2-x-2%29%2F%28%28x%2B1%29%2F%282x%2B2%29%29=0, %28x-1%29%28x-2%29%2F%28x%2B1%29=0, %28x%5E2-x-2%29=0, %28x%5E2-x-2%29%2A%28x%5E2-x-2%29%2F%28x%5E2%2B2%2Ax%2B1%29%2F%28x%5E2-4%2Ax%2B4%29, %28x%5E3-x%29%2Fx=0, %28x-1%29%2Fx=0, %282x%5E4-2%29%2F%28x-1%29=0, x%5E5-x%5E3=0, %28x-3%29%2A%28x%5E6-2x%5E3%2B1%29=0, , x%2A%28x-1%29%28x%2B1%29%2A%28x%5E3%2Bx%29, %28x-1%29%28x%2B1%29-3=0, %28x%5E2-1%29%28x%5E2%2B1%29-15=0, 1%2Fx%5E-1, x%2Fa%5E%28-5%29, x%2Aa%5E%28-5%29, x%5E-1, 2%2F6, 1%2F2-2%2F3, 1%2F2-1, 1%2F2-1%2B1%2F10, 1%2F2%2B2%2F3, 1%2F3%2B0.51, 1%2F3%2B0.5, x-x%2F3, 0.5x-x%2F3, 0.5x-2%2Ax%2F3, 1%2F2%2B1%2F3%2B1%2F6, %282x%2B2y%29%2F2, %28%28-4%2B10%29-%28-2%2B14%29%29%2F2%2A%282%29.
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