SOLUTION: solve for x: 5(x-2)=2(10+x)

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Question 133116: solve for x: 5(x-2)=2(10+x)
Answer by jim_thompson5910(33401) About Me  (Show Source):
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5%28x-2%29=2%2810%2Bx%29 Start with the given equation

5x-10=20%2B2x Distribute

5x=20%2B2x%2B10Add 10 to both sides

5x-2x=20%2B10 Subtract 2x from both sides

3x=20%2B10 Combine like terms on the left side

3x=30 Combine like terms on the right side

x=%2830%29%2F%283%29 Divide both sides by 3 to isolate x

x=10 Divide

So our answer is x=10