SOLUTION: (x-1)(x+1)(x)=120

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Question 429922: (x-1)(x+1)(x)=120

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x = 5
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Quadratic equation ax%5E2%2Bbx%2Bc=0 (in our case 1x%5E2%2B5x%2B24+=+0) has the following solutons:


For these solutions to exist, the discriminant b%5E2-4ac should not be a negative number.

First, we need to compute the discriminant b%5E2-4ac: b%5E2-4ac=%285%29%5E2-4%2A1%2A24=-71.

The discriminant -71 is less than zero. That means that there are no solutions among real numbers.

If you are a student of advanced school algebra and are aware about imaginary numbers, read on.

In the field of imaginary numbers, the square root of -71 is + or - sqrt%28+71%29+=+8.42614977317636.

The solution is , or
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