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Question 114008: simplify: log (1000)
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Remember, if we have the blank equation log%28b%2C%28x%29%29=y, then we can write it as b%5Ey=x.So we can apply this property to this problem

log%2810%2C%281000%29%29 Start with the given expression. Remember, if the base isn't stated, the base is 10

log%2810%2C%281000%29%29=y Set the expression equal to y. The variable y is arbitrary and doesn't matter, but we need it for this problem.

10%5Ey=1000 Rewrite the equation using the first property I mentioned

10%5Ey=10%5E3 Rewrite 1000 as 10%5E3

Since the bases are equal, the exponents are equal. So y=3

This means log%2810%2C%281000%29%29=3