SOLUTION: How do uSimplify (5x+4)-(6x+2)?

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Question 569540: How do uSimplify (5x+4)-(6x+2)?

Answer by KMST(3791) About Me  (Show Source):
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I find that a minus sign is easier to deal with if I see it as part of the number that follows it. If I do not see a number, the number is an invisible 1. So for x-5, I see x+%2B+%28-5%29. And for 8-x, I see 8+%2B+%28-1%29x.
For the problem above, I prefer to believe that I am seeing
I do not write it that way, but I see it that way in my mind, and that helps me keep the signs straight.
Otherwise, you have to remember (and hopefully justify to yourself) that to eliminate a set of brackets right after a minus sign, you also have to reverse all the signs inside the brackets, so that -(6x+2)=-(+6x+2) turns into -6x-2.