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Question 160034: 3x-y=6 graph each line
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3x-y=6 Start with the given equation.

-y=6-3x Subtract 3x from both sides.

-y=-3x%2B6 Rearrange the terms.

y=%28-3x%2B6%29%2F%28-1%29 Divide both sides by -1 to isolate y.

y=%28%28-3%29%2F%28-1%29%29x%2B%286%29%2F%28-1%29 Break up the fraction.

y=3x-6 Reduce.

Looking at y=3x-6 we can see that the equation is in slope-intercept form y=mx%2Bb where the slope is m=3 and the y-intercept is b=-6

Since b=-6 this tells us that the y-intercept is .Remember the y-intercept is the point where the graph intersects with the y-axis

So we have one point

Now since the slope is comprised of the "rise" over the "run" this means

Also, because the slope is 3, this means:


which shows us that the rise is 3 and the run is 1. This means that to go from point to point, we can go up 3 and over 1

So starting at , go up 3 units

and to the right 1 unit to get to the next point

Now draw a line through these points to graph y=3x-6

So this is the graph of y=3x-6 through the points and