SOLUTION: Graph the inequality on a plane. {{{5x-4<=9x+y}}}

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Question 606194: Graph the inequality on a plane.

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For now, let's just look at the following equation:
we can make this into a more familiar line:
and using the slope and y intercept of this line we can graph it (I will let this up to you, remembering that we have the point (0,-4) from the b value and the slope is -4=rise/run=-4/1)

Now, once you have graphed the line you will have broken your plane into two regions. take any point from each region (but not on the line) and test them. By test I mean plug into:
and see if it holds true, if so, shade the region, if not, leave the region unshaded.

Hopefully this helps get you on the right track:)